Hoop Flow Workshop with

Babz Robinson


workshop description

DAY 1: Cool Ass Coin Flips

Ready to level up your coin tosses or even just plain learn them?! We will start with the fundamentals of coin tosses to build a base for the bad ass, then begin adding more and more awesome – creating combos, exploring and tapping into your own creativity all while learning epic coin flip based tricks to infuse your flow with fresh and dynamic three dimensional movement Babz will fill your brains with as many moves as time and space in your beautiful melon allows This awesome workshop features fun floor pick ups, tonnes of Coin flippage, and all kinds fun weird things she’s cooked up while rotating the hoop on its axis either around your body or in the air. ohhhhh yaaaaahhhh!

DAY 2: Big Bag of Tricks

Fill up that bag of tricks of yours, spice up that repertoire and add some fresh flair to your flow. Feeling like you’ve hit that “wall”? Pshaw! Don’t be silly! There are no walls here! Time to get funky and add some fun new moves to fill out your flow.  You have moves you didn’t even know you had! This workshop will give you performance worthy pick up tricks, amp up your wedgies and up your escalator game, taking your flow to a whole new level!

Friday June 2nd From 1:30 PM until 5:30 PM
Saturday June 3rd From 1:30 PM until 5:30 PM




  1. COMFORTABLE CLOTHING. We would recommend:
    • A shirt that covers your back and shoulders –
    • Pants that cover your thighs –
    • Socks that cover your ankles which will keep you comfortable
  2. Water
  3. Snacks
  4. Your hula hoops (a 15% discount will be extended to attendees)


Early Bird Special for both days – 750AED
Starting May 21st for both days – 950AED
Each days separately – 475AED

Space is Limited. First Come First Serve. Book here to save your spot:


Each Sperate Day – 475AED


Facilitator – Babz Robinson 

One of the hoop world’s most prolific creators of original hoop dance trick tutorials Babz Robinson, Canadian native has been raising the bar and innovating modern hoop dance since 2003! Her comprehensive tutorials and passion for sharing knowledge have earned her multiple Hoopies awards for Instructor of the Year, Tutorial of the Year, the Hooper Hall of fame award and Canadian Hooper of the year. When not found exploring the mountains surrounding her home she can be found teaching at the worlds foremost hoop dance retreats and festivals. Rarely seen without a smile on her face this exuberant woman lives to empower people in their hoops and in their lives. She loves you already!

Babz Robinson, international multiple award winning hooper and teacher extrordinare is excited to be offering a full two days of hooping radness to the wonderful hoopers of Dubai! This weekend will be chalk full of tips and tricks as well as key skills for building your own flow and unlocking your own creativity. Oh and did I mention it’s going to be fun as hell? Ya it is!